The Bible says that our responsibility as born again believers concerning financial matters is to eternally invest our income into Biblical stewardship in which the scriptures teach as storehouse tithing. Mal. 3 :8-10 is a key scriptural foundation for this principle. According to the Bible, ten percent of our gross income is the tithe. At Buford Road Baptist Church, we encourage our church family and those who enjoy our ministries locally and around the world to share and participate in God's plan of financing His Kingdom on earth. Extended giving is encouraged in the Faith Promise Missions offerings and the Building Fund of the church in which are both offerings over and above our regular tithe. We thank you for your financial support in all areas and we pray that you will be faithful in giving and prove God to be ever faithful to you in all things.

You can choose to give to the church on line using direct debit from your checking/ savings account via Paypal or by using credit card.

BRBC uses Paypal to process contributions, but an account is NOT required. To pay via Credit card, click the "Don't have a Paypal Account" link on the following page after clicking the contribution button in order to make a secure online payment.